taemin learning gwiyomi from the fanclub president jonghyun~

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140821 SHINee Hyungs’ love for Taemin

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I thought that was a dildo on his finger


I thought that was a dildo on his finger

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im at that point in fandom where im very attracted to everyone in shinee and i didnt mean for this to happen

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itaem – please do not edit.

itaem  please do not edit.

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Taemin’s reaction when they mentioned & showed SHINee’s yunhanam days…

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New trailer for my first 2min fic ever years ago, “Strange Feelings.” Thanks to Sadistic Sinner as always for her amazing work!!

key is all you see

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나만 몰랐었던 something
분명히 느껴져 must be something

Minho’s working it

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my self esteem has two levels

  1. im a worthless piece of shit who deserves no love
  2. bow down before me bitches i am your queen

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lol bye

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Blue night 14/08/20

  • HT: Jonghyun-hyung shall we go to the practice room together, I want to sing Taemin's song, Danger.
  • Jonghyun: No no, please don't touch the fairy.
  • KHT: My rap is not too bad either. (then he rapped).
  • J: What's that! Don't copy the idol in front of (his fanclub) president!
  • Cr: 金钟铉0408, Dinokey
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  • Jonghyun: The news said that Taemin has grown into a man from a fairy
  • Taemin: I've already heard that for 5 years.

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